Dave the creator of CadQuery CQ has been…

Dave, the creator of CadQuery (CQ), has been keeping an eye on our discussion about using CQ for a CodeCAD based Ground Sphere model. He’s offered to help build the model once we clearly define the rules governing the dimensions (which I’m working on). Dave is looking for ways to prove out CQ, both by helping us, and by doing his own designs. One thing he’d like to do is come up with a CQ based model that’s useful enough that people would want to pay for it on the Shapeways store. Here is what Dave said in an email. He would like to:

“launch a customizable product in the shapeways store that uses CQ technology underneath. I need to establish an example of using CQ tech to do something useful. Still trying to figure out what a good product would be that consumers would pay to customize and print”

So, I wanted to put this out to our community to see if anyone has any ideas. I think this is a good example of a way we can contribute to an open source project without writing a line of code. Also, increasing the visibility and user base of CQ will only help Mach 30 if we go with CQ long term. Dave will be watching this conversation and I’m sure he’ll be happy to clarify anything that I missed.