I have noticed that we have been having…

I have noticed that we have been having some trouble getting folks together for #EngineerSpeak hangouts. I was chatting with Aaron about it on G+ and he for one reports that changing the day and the time (earlier works better for him as it turns out) could help him make more meetings.

So, I think it is time to do another poll to see what works best for people. If you are (or would like to be) a regular attendee of #EngineerSpeak hangouts, please post a reply below with the days/times that work best for you to meet. Please use the following format (so it is easier for everyone to process the feedback), one entry per line.

Day of Week: Window of time you can meet during (in Eastern time, please)

Example, if Monday & Tuesday nights starting any time 7 or later, and ending no later than 10 and Thursday night but only from 6-7 are good times for you, you would put (note, these are not my available times):

Monday: 7:00-10:00
Tuesday: 7:00-10:00
Thursday: 6:00-7:00