I have been meaning to do better about…

I have been meaning to do better about sharing the good work that happens every week at Mach 30 meetings and work sessions. This little post is the beginning of an experiment to do just that. While I am not on much social media (no twitter, no facebook, and only sort of on G+), I am on Mach 30’s P2. So, this is where I plan to post short little updates with the highlights of progress from the work I am involved in (and when I can’t make it to P2 due to travel for work, I will do my best to have someone sub for me).

Tonight’s post is an update on the work of the #EngineerSpeak community. The Board just wrapped up the 2015 annual planning work from Perigee II (more news on that in another post – but on the full blog) and as part of that approved the development of a 3D printed mini-rocket “engine”. It is technically something called a cold gas thruster, which just means it is a rocket that only needs compressed gas to make thrust. No fire and smoke, so hopefully safe for use indoors which makes it easier to share with students and gives it year round operation capability. This project is called the Yavin Thruster (10 points to the first person to share the source of its name) has a very sparse home on ODE here – https://opendesignengine.net/projects/yavin-thruster/

The big news this week is that after much discussion, the Board wants to try out an agile approach to hardware development this year using the Yavin Thruster as a test project. So, @cssm30 led @wrightjmf and I through an initial development of Product Backlog Items (PBIs) and we will be introducing the #EngineerSpeak team to them this Thursday night as part of our first Sprint Planning Session. Here is a sneak peak – http://goo.gl/AqyUfN. The three of us left the planning meeting very excited about the work ahead and I am looking forward to the Sprint Planning Meeting to see how things progress. More news as it happens.

PS – Since I am not on social media, please spread the word about Mach 30’s good work. Feel free to share this entire post, or parts of it on your own (or for those of you who are connected to Mach 30’s official social media channels the Mach 30 channels). And as always, ad astra per civitatem.


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