#EngineerSpeak Status Update After my prolonged absence due…

#EngineerSpeak Status Update
After my prolonged absence due to a very long business trip (22 days, new personal record), the #EngineerSpeak community resumed work on the Yavin Thruster by conducting our first sprint planning session last Thursday. As this was our first sprint planning session we did not quite complete it (that should happen this Thur night), but we did do some great work. Here are the highlights:

  • Committed team members for our first sprint are @jedibfa, @wwenchlabs, @wrightjmf, and Aaron (sorry, don’t know your handle on P2). I am very excited to have all of these folks on the team for our first sprint
  • We will try out 6 weeks for our sprint duration since this is an after hours, all volunteer activity (we will see how that works during our retrospective)
  • We have basically wrapped up prioritizing the list of Project Backlog Items (PBIs) and I think some very interesting results came out of that work including the importance of completing the Export Control review early (I am happy to see this fall out as part of good process) and that the best initial demo of MTK is the pressure vessel calculations not one of the nozzle or thruster performance calculations (in no small part because it is lower hanging fruit than the other demos – a good reminder that agile methods are sustainable methods as they share a common interest in capturing low hanging fruit)

Next up – the team will select those items it feels comfortable committing to for this sprint. I am eager to report on how that meeting goes…. Stay tuned.


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