Maker Article from Linux Voice

It’s interesting to me to see a Maker article in a Linux magazine, even though it’s intuitive to me that those two should go hand-in-hand.

Sparkfun satellite modem.

Sparkfun satellite modem.

OSHW Post by Scientific American

Matt tweeted this. Scientific American wrote a post about how OSHW is making lab equipment more accessible to a wider range of people.

Just posting a couple of…

Just posting a couple of links I found about spaceflight history, Kerbal Space Program, and 3D printing…

First, here is a YouTube series that reimplements the early days of human spaceflight using Kerbal Space Program.

I have only watched the first few episodes so far, but I think they are great and the rest of the series in on my watch list.

Second, here is a blog post talking about how to export your Kerbal Space Program creations into the real world using a 3D printer (and some software of course) –