Just posting a couple of…

Just posting a couple of links I found about spaceflight history, Kerbal Space Program, and 3D printing…

First, here is a YouTube series that reimplements the early days of human spaceflight using Kerbal Space Program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mGUlv_dn-g&index=2&list=PLBhKowDYZ822XxTabtoYup81ZLsrgA4be

I have only watched the first few episodes so far, but I think they are great and the rest of the series in on my watch list.

Second, here is a blog post talking about how to export your Kerbal Space Program creations into the real world using a 3D printer (and some software of course) – https://www.matterhackers.com/articles/print-your-ships-from-kerbal-space-program



I have been accumulating a…

I have been accumulating a collection of posts about open source hardware and software. It is past time for me to share them.

  • A discussion on the importance of documentation, especially the right kind of documentation – The discussion on death marches (waiting until the last minute and then trying to document all the things) is something we have experienced at Mach 30, and is specifically why our work on OSHW ground rules includes three separate behaviors around when you document projects (before, during, and after you take any actions)
  • OSHWA’s new OSHW Certification Process has gotten some interesting reactions online lately, and much of it expressing concerns about certification
    • Saar Drimer writes about long standing concerns over branding in OSHW and believing the certification process is misguided – having both argued strongly in favor of the OSHW logo and having seen many projects that were Open Source in Name Only, I think we need to do more than just public shaming, and the certification process proposed by OSHWA is among the least invasive options that I heard discussed.
    • Here is another response the OSHW Certification Process, this time from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – this post is more nuanced, and I appreciate the well thought out listing of pros and cons and some thoughts on how OSHWA can be successful with the certification process
    • And here is OSHWA’s response to community reactions to the certification process – I think this is a good first attempt to clarify where OSHWA is headed, and I like that it references the Evil Mad Scientist post; OSHWA needs to keep up their communications efforts on this project (telling us what is working and what is not) to allay the concerns of the community and to make the evolving process clear to everyone (good and bad actors alike)

Anyone see the BeagleSat project…

Anyone see the BeagleSat project that was on this summer’s Google Summer of Code?


I had proposed to my graduate institution that they look into Arduino for the primary flight computer on CubeSats (and they did). The BBB wasn’t out yet, but now a days, I think I would lean more toward the BBB.

Very curious to see how far they can take this project. They published weekly status updates on their project web page (I skimmed through the final report, looks like the TL;DR is got some cool work done, have lots more to do). Always happy to see documentation being reported on a regular basis.

Calling all #engineerspeak contributors!! With…

Calling all #engineerspeak contributors!!

With Apogee II behind us, it is time to get things rolling again on the Yavin Thruster. We are ready to start our next sprint, so we need to do our sprint planning for Sprint 2 and get team commitments for development work over the next six weeks.

I would like to do this planning at this week’s #engineerspeak hangout (7/23 @ 2200 Eastern). Please let me know (over email, in a comment below, over slack, etc) if you are going to be in the upcoming sprint and can make Thursday’s hangout. And, be sure to check out the planning worksheet before the meeting so we can dive right into planning – https://goo.gl/M03uSr.

as astra per civitatem

Good morning everyone!

Apogee II is upon us and I have an important announcement. This announcement pertains to everyone in Mach 30, not just those who can make it to DC this year.

We are doing the volunteer recognition a little different this year – we are crowd sourcing it! We want you to tell us what you think the most important accomplishments of the last year are (by both teams and individuals). Tell us over in this google doc – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yItiFdvlR8LyV0bF9b40cJRYTKQ8fOfG_jhOdzSrTWE/edit.

We will collate the feedback and share it with everyone during the State of the Org address on Saturday evening.

ad astra per civitatem

I thought the #EngineerSpeak folks would get a…

I thought the #EngineerSpeak folks would get a kick out of this month’s SparkFun newsletter. It’s all about load cells.


It gets me all fired up for rocket testing. 🙂

#oshw, #shepard

OSWHA is considering an OSHW certification process Take…

OSWHA is considering an OSHW certification process. Take a look at it here – http://www.oshwa.org/2015/06/02/building-an-open-source-hardware-certification-with-oshwa/

I encourage everyone interested in OSHW to take a look and provide feedback.

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