There is a new P2 theme that has…

There is a new P2 theme that has upgraded features. It’s the one we use internally at Automattic. Here’s the link to more info if you’d like to upgrade

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Open Source goes mainstream http www techrepublic com…

Open Source goes mainstream

New Feature

Hi All, I was in the support documents this morning and saw this (I believe new) feature that could be useful here: User mentions: So if you are posting something here that you want to make sure one or more of the other site users see you can mention them and they’ll get a notification. (Basically it works just like Twitter, but the support doc explains things in more detail. For example, I think @jedibfa @wrightjmf will be especially interested in this feature.

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J and I just gave to the Ada…

J and I just gave to the Ada Initiative and there are a lot of things about their fundraising process that is well done. I’m sharing it here as inspiration/ideas to steal for Mach 30:

Twitter stream is full of reasons to support their work with Retweets, photos, everything. All of it geared toward the cause, not the organization:

Website includes specific asks to help spread the word–including sample social media posts:

Site lists concrete ways people can support the mission of the organization with or without giving money:

Donate page makes it easy to give, has unique funding levels, and includes short, powerful reasons to support the initiative:

Provides easy ways for supporters to do matching campaigns. Here’s an example campaign: –It’s not clear to me how you start a matching campaign which is less good, but that might be because they are nearly done with their drive.

Also, great blog posts:

In general every page makes a powerful argument, but is also very short and to the point. There is no slogging through text to get to the “give us your money” part, but it also doesn’t feel like “give us your money because I said so”

I shared this on Twitter but thought I’d…

I shared this on Twitter, but thought I’d bring it over here as it’s a better place for discussion. The article explains the details, but basically India just successfully placed a craft in Mars orbit–and spent basically a blockbuster movie budget on it. From a layperson’s perspective this seems like a great example of the value of using Mature Technology, as well as FIST principles. Anyway we can use the story as leverage to promote those philosophies?

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We set up this space as an easy way to talk about projects and other happenings at Mach 30. If you are new here, please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments. We always want to hear from our community members!

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