Maker Article from Linux Voice

It’s interesting to me to see a Maker article in a Linux magazine, even though it’s intuitive to me that those two should go hand-in-hand.


Sparkfun satellite modem.

Sparkfun satellite modem.

OSHW Post by Scientific American

Matt tweeted this. Scientific American wrote a post about how OSHW is making lab equipment more accessible to a wider range of people.

The Importance of Design in Open Source

Another article about the importance of design in open source. It also talks about how to recruit designers.

Found a network diagram of…

Found a network diagram of the PSAS launch system as I was looking at the draft for J’s latest blog post.

Slack and Open Source


Interesting perspective on why open source projects shouldn’t use Slack. Mach 30 has been experimenting with Slack, so this is pretty interesting.

From Matt on Twitter: The…

From Matt on Twitter: The General Services Administration’s 18F has released a nice, simple style guide for open source documentation