Links on Agile/Scrum

We’ve been referencing Agile/Scrum during our 2015 planning work (at Perigee and beyond). So, I did some searching for links about Agile/Scrum. Posting them here for later reference.

  • 5 Levels of Planning with Agile –
  • Scrum Effort and Story Points – (also has a list of intro videos on the right hand side of the post that I am finding very useful)
  • A reference card about Scrum –
  • More on estimation in agile –
  • Checklist for Scrum Masters –

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So one of the things I like to…

So, one of the things I like to do when traveling for work is read about how other groups do their things and think about how Mach 30 can apply lessons from the books to its operations. I’m currently reading “The Year Without Pants” and the following idea hit me for a position each Mach 30 project should have.

Project cheerleader – someone attached to a project to observe and share the cool things happening in the project however they see fit (blog, YouTube, events, Twitter, etc). This ensures there is someone on each project focused on marketing and communication aspects of the project.


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Very interesting article about how a distributed team…

Very interesting article about how a distributed team of engineers from different companies worked part time on a new rocket engine design without meeting in person until the final design review.

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